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Get Cash from Home Equity – No Payments

Can’t get a Loan Mod? Can’t Refinance with Bad Credit? Get Cash for Your Equity No Extra Payments For example, if you own a $400,000 house with only a $260,000 loan, you have 35% Equity. We have an investor that will buy that part of that equity and not charge you any money – no […] Read more

Fight Your Mortgage Lender with a Securitization Audit

Fight Your Mortgage Lender with a Securitization Audit The Banks and other Mortgage Lenders have committed Fraud in many cases. In many cases, they have lied about who actually made the loan, they have lied about who owns the loan, and they have forged recorded documents and failed to file other required documents. From about […] Read more

Debt Relief System Specifically for Christians

Debts can hit anybody, Christians or non-Christians alike. But for Christian loaners and debtors, there is a special group of people to accommodate your debt management services, the Christian way. If you are a Christian, it would be better that you get the services of Christian debt relief companies. Here are the reasons why: 1. […] Read more

Information Network for Debt Relief Companies

The term “debt relief” is considered a paradox by many. Thanks to numerous fraudulent debt relief organizations, consumers end up suffering from worse debt problems rather than obtaining debt relief as promised. The True Functions of a Debt Relief Company Debt relief companies mainly provide help in reducing and even negating the amount of Read more

Tax Debt Relief Tips

Not even famous celebrities, powerful politicians, and wealthy businessmen are exempt and invulnerable to the all-reaching arms of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Thus, it’s entirely normal and understandable why an ordinary taxpayer like you is virtually reduced to tears by pressing tax debts to the IRS. There’s no need, however, for your Read more

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